• Before the premiere of my VH1 reality show, TRANSform Me, Cindi Creager prepared me for a myriad of press interviews about the program. Throughout the media training, Cindi stressed the importance of staying focused and staying on point regardless of what questions the media threw my way. I left the session feeling confident and ready and I nailed every interview. I employ the spokesperson techniques Cindi taught me to this day and I highly recommend her services.
    Laverne Cox,
    Actress, Advocate, Artist
  • The CreagerCole team guided me in becoming the most high-profile intersex person in the world. Sharing my status has been a powerful way to shed light on the human rights abuses inflicted on intersex children, abuses I myself experienced. CreagerCole helped me find my voice and they catapulted intersex issues to new heights through a USA Today exclusive that spread around the globe. Hiring CreagerCole is one of the best decisions I ever made.
    Hanne Gaby Odiele,
  • Thanks to support from Creager Cole Communications "Intersex" trended for the first time in 2017 and was a runner up for Dictionary.com's 'word of the year!' Their media training, story placement in USA Today, the New York Daily News and several other high-profile outlets, combined with their strategic guidance, helped me personally shine, while amplifying the message of the broader intersex rights movement. Working with Cindi, Rainie and their team is an absolute pleasure. Professional, flexible and skilled at all they do. Highly recommend!
    Kimberly Zieselman, JD,
    Executive Director interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth
  • CreagerCole helped me find my voice as a trans woman and trans advocate and share my story with the world through an exclusive CNN Style feature. CreagerCole handled my coming out with sensitivity and care and it's been a gift to have their spectacular guidance.
    Teddy Quinlivan,
  • In Milk I portrayed out gay activist Scott Smith, the partner of legendary gay rights pioneer, Harvey Milk. Before my press tour for the movie, Cindi Creager gave me great pointers for how to handle questions that focused on playing a gay role. It was extremely helpful and prepared me to deflect any inappropriate media questions and instead focus on the film's key message: LGBT equality. I strongly recommend her services.
    James Franco,
    Actor, Filmmaker, Author, Artist
  • We are so appreciative of the support and guidance we received from Cindi and Rainie for Brooklyn Nets Pride Night. They helped us in carefully planning and executing the announcement of the special event and provided crucial feedback on all of our communication materials to make sure our message was on point. Everything was perfect and we couldn’t have done it without Cindi and Rainie’s support. They are true pros.
    Mandy Gutmann,
    Senior Director, Communications, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
  • In the field of media relations, Cindi Creager and Rainie Cole are simply nonpareil. They have the insight, the determination, the creativity, and a reputation of gold standard to make the connections for their clients that matter most. To all of these talents they bring a personal touch and sensitivity that is rare in today’s world of communications. And from my own personal experience - - matching my own story up with a Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer from The New York Times to tell it in just the right way - - I can attest that they have the goods to make the best kind of miracles happen.
    Sara Davis Buechner,
    Concert Pianist
  • As an academic, I admit that I know very little about the world of publicity and media relations, and I never devoted much thought to strategies for disseminating my research findings to a broader audience. But Cindi Creager really dove in like ‘Superwoman,’ and managed to garner more attention for my research and my book, Sexual Fluidity, than I would have ever imagined, most notably a booking on ‘Oprah’ (I still have to pinch myself). What made her so successful is that she completely understood and respected the core message of my work AND what the Oprah producers were looking for. She has a 'matchmaker’s' sense of how to place the right message in the right outlet. The results speak for themselves.
    Lisa M. Diamond, Ph.D.,
    Professor of Psychology, University of Utah
  • Without Cindi Creager, I would not have received the media training that I so desperately needed while in deep grief over the loss of my partner Lisa and the unfair treatment my family endured at a Miami hospital. She helped me find my voice and articulate it confidently on a national stage. My story prompted President Obama to change hospital visitation policies for same-sex couples.
    Janice Langbehn,
    Winner Presidential Citizen’s Medal (Influential in changing federal policy on hospital visitation by same-sex couples)
  • Our work places us in the media spotlight frequently and it's important that we have a coordinated strategy for working with the press. Cindi and her team are always there for us. They coordinate our media plans, respond to inquiries and manage all of the often-intense work of interacting with members of the press. More often than not, the work is very time-sensitive. CreagerCole handles it all efficiently and professionally, allowing us to get our message out while focusing on the legal work that we're here to do.
    Michael Silverman,
    Founder, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund
  • The CreagerCole team has significantly increased my public profile and helped me become a go-to national transgender rights expert. Through sustained media relations, including story and op-ed placement in national outlets, and top-notch media training and message development, CreagerCole has refined the way I communicate my legal expertise and shaped me into a much more effective spokesperson.
    Jillian T. Weiss,
    Executive Director, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund
  • Cindi Creager’s help in preparing for a tough television interview was priceless. She made sure my talking points were air-tight, and she mooted the interview with me until I felt confidently prepared.
    Rachel B. Tiven,
    Former Executive Director, Immigration Equality; Current CEO Lambda Legal
  • Cindi Creager is the best media trainer I’ve ever worked with, both here at the Center and previously during my time at GLAAD. With Cindi’s help I was always fully prepared and totally confident prior to speaking with local and national press, which resulted in great media interviews every time.
    Glennda Testone,
    Executive Director, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
  • Cindi Creager oversaw the National News Team during my tenure as President of GLAAD, successfully leading a key initiative to place LGBT faith leaders into the national media so they could educate the American public about the importance of equality. Cindi later helped me gain visibility in the New York market, for my memoir: The Campaign Within: A Mayor's Private Journey to Public Leadership, coordinating news coverage and a book signing and speaking event with out country music sensation, Chely Wright. Cindi works extremely hard to garner positive attention for people and causes she believes in. I highly recommend her services.
    Neil Giuliano,
    Former Mayor of Tempe, Arizona; Former GLAAD President; Former CEO, San Francisco AIDS Foundation; Current President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership
  • As a publicist and marketing expert I have hired media trainers for nearly twenty years; I thought I had seen everything, but observing Cindi Creager’s media training one afternoon literally blew me away – she cut through the clients’ chaos, drama and defense mechanisms that could have thwarted their messages. She was compassionate and kind and by the end of the session the messages were clear and focused. I was so impressed that I called her the next day! I hired her for my own clients and was lucky to use her services to hone my own message for a media tour of my book Eleanor Lambert: Still Here. Cindi not only makes it easy, she does it with care. She understands that messages have the power to influence perception. Look no further if you want the best. Trust me I have worked with them all!
    John Tiffany,
    Author, Lecturer, Public Relations Executive
  • When I challenged the South Carolina DMV in federal court for denying me the freedom to wear makeup in my license photo, Cindi Creager prepared me to confidently share my story with the nation through high-level media placements in the Los Angeles Times, on ABC News, MSNBC and a host of other outlets. The coverage helped prompt a settlement that allowed me to get a new license appearing as my authentic self and ensured that all transgender and gender nonconforming people will be treated fairly at the South Carolina DMV from now on. Cindi’s kind yet determined style gave me the courage to communicate my unique experience which led to a major transgender rights victory. I’m truly grateful for her assistance.
    Capri Culpepper,
    Transgender Teen Who Successfully Challenged South Carolina’s Discriminatory DMV Photo Policy
  • Cindi Creager's media training gave me a powerful new set of skills for handling all types of media interviews. Since working with her, I’m now more confident and savvy when speaking with the press to deliver the messages that are important for our organization. An added bonus is Cindi's kind, but determined style. She has a knack for building confidence in everyone she trains and I’m a better executive as a result!
    Thomas Krever,
    Executive Director, Hetrick-Martin Institute
  • CreagerCole’s promotion of our “Choose Love” subway ad campaign ensured that more than 200 press outlets picked up the story around the world. Their superb media strategy and sheer tenacity made this initiative a huge media success. It brought significant international attention to our efforts to counter a virulently anti-Muslim campaign and show that the majority of Jews are willing to stand by their Muslim neighbors in the face of discrimination. I strongly recommend their services.
    Rabbi Jill Jacobs,
    Executive Director, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
  • My 20 year old son Sean was brutally murdered in an anti-gay hate crime in South Carolina. No mother should have to endure such pain. Cindi Creager helped me turn my sorrow into action; she gave me the courage to speak out in the media, and elevated our story to CNN and FOX, which helped ensure passage of an LGBT inclusive federal hate crimes law. Cindi is not only an ally, she's also a trusted friend who I turn to every time I need media support.
    Elke Kennedy,
    South Carolina Mom, Anti-Violence Advocate
  • Before the premiere of our television show, Cindi Creager held a private media training session with us to prepare us for questions regarding LGBT issues. Even though Josh has written on LGBT topics for major publications for years, Cindi's training made us realize that special skills were needed for when we're on the other end of the questioning. We enthusiastically recommend her services.
    Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge,
    Stars of The Fabulous Beekman Boys
  • Working with Cindi Creager made an arduous job seem effortless. Her rigorous coaching molded me into a natural morning show guest, easily able to share my expertise with millions of viewers in top media markets.
    Francesca Camp,
    Plastic Surgery Consultant
  • Cindi Creager prepared me for every interview, every question and every curve ball that I encountered – providing me with interview strategy, practice questions and powerful talking points.
    Sergeant Anthony Bustos,
    United States Army National Guard (Came out as gay on ABC World News Tonight at great risk to his career under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”)
  • Cindi Creager has a phenomenal track record in the national media arena. Her commitment to helping countless LGBT people thrive in the media spotlight has helped shape the national dialogue about LGBT people.
    Herndon Graddick,
    Former President, GLAAD
  • Thank you SO much to CreagerCole Communications for helping us get the message out about our Week of Pride and Festival at Memorial Park in Maplewood, New Jersey. Thanks to CreagerCole’s dedicated effort, we got fantastic pre- and post-event coverage, which contributed to a higher than expected turnout and an incredibly successful 2013 Festival.
    C.J. Prince,
    Executive Director, North Jersey Pride
  • I remain grateful for all of the services that CreagerCole Communications has provided over several years. From media training to full service public relations, Cindi and Rainie have produced measurable results every time I have had the honor of working with them on my book project. I could not recommend any PR team as highly as CreagerCole Communications.
    Justin Reed Early,
    Author of Street Child: A Memoir