LGBT PR Expertise

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and issues continue to gain momentum in the media; we offer specialized knowledge in this area. Our team includes two out and proud lesbians who have worked on LGBT topics in various capacities for decades. If you are new to LGBT issues, we can help you become culturally competent. We can also help you highlight an LGBT person, ally or issue, and prepare you to speak with the press. These topics must be handled accurately, fairly and sensitively and we have the background to help you get it right.

Media Relations

We have relationships with key decision makers in the news and entertainment industries. We connect you with people who offer platforms to showcase your work. You may be pitching a new book, play, film, or point of view. You may be hoping to expand your public presence as an expert in your unique field. Whatever the goal, we craft strategic media relations plans that best fit your individual needs. Collectively we have hundreds of contacts and a knack for putting folks in touch with the right people who can elevate their voices and their projects at just the right time.

Media Training

Becoming a successful media spokesperson requires practice and precision. We teach you how to convey ideas simply, but powerfully, while building rapport with your audience. Our no-nonsense straightforward coaching techniques help mold you into a poised, impeccable speaker who shines in the media spotlight. We also place special emphasis on tone, diction, demeanor, eye contact, gestures, clothing, and accessories. Our added bonus: Cindi Creager can mimic most news personalities which makes her training sessions not only fun, but realistic; you feel like you are actually on the set with the Katie Courics of the world. That makes a huge difference when you actually ARE live on radio or TV. We spend hours gathering information on your topic, honing your messages and critiquing your performance until you feel absolutely ready to face the media.

Message Development

What to say and how to say it are vital ingredients for success when you are facing a crisis communications situation, speaking to the media on an evergreen topic, or presenting to important audiences at opportune moments. We are expert wordsmiths who will help you strike the right tone and balance every time.