Op-Ed Placement for Callen-Lorde on Importance of the LGBTQ Vote

advocate-voting-2CreagerCole placed a timely op-ed in The Advocate Magazine about the importance of the LGBTQ vote. The commentary is written by Kimberleigh Joy Smith, Senior Director for Community Health Planning and Policy at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center.

“From my vantage point, my priorities this election will include LGBTQ health equity, ending the HIV epidemic and supporting those living with HIV, immigration reform, ending police brutality, and comprehensive support for trans* people in all facets of life. These issues will be top of mind when I step into the voting booth this fall.”

“If we want to see our objectives furthered in the decades to follow, we have to make our voices heard. I urge you to register and help others to do so. Then make your vote count on November 8. Our votes are the catalyst for positive change,” she argued.




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