High Impact Media Placements for TLDEF’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against Walmart

On December 27, CreagerCole spotlighted Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund’s federal lawsuit againt Walmart on behalf of a trans woman who faced workplace discrimination at a Sam’s Club store in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehouse chain owned by Sam’s East, Inc., a subsidiary of Walmart. 

Charlene Bost endured bias, retaliation and a hostile work environment in her position as a Member Service Supervisor from 2011 through her firing in 2015. This discrimination violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the North Carolina Equal Employment Practices Act, the lawsuit contends. After Ms. Bost transitioned, co-workers and supervisors began discriminating against her because of her sex. She was repeatedly subjected to a barrage of hostilities which included being wrongfully disciplined and repeatedly called by the wrong name and pronouns and by anti-trans slurs.

Through CreagerCole’s strategic media placements this story spread across the nation through the Associated Press and Reuters and helped educate the American public about the concrete harms of anti-trans bias in the workplace. It’s an honor to promote TLDEF’s groundbreaking work.

Cindi Creager is the co-founder of CreagerCole Communications LLC, a boutique public relations firm with expertise in LGBTQI issues.

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