CreagerCole Places Transgender Rights Op-Ed in USA Today

USA Today 2nd screen grab- JillianIn recent months transgender issues have received unprecedented media attention. With anti-transgender laws in North Carolina and Mississippi and anti-trans bills cropping up in states across the nation, the trans community is under a full scale legislative assault.

Our client, transgender rights attorney Jillian Weiss, is speaking out against anti-transgender legislation and making her case in the court of public opinion, through powerful commentaries like the one we placed for her in USA Today on April 13.

Titled Federal Law Dooms Transgender Bathroom Bans, Jillian’s op-ed explains how federal law supersedes anti-LGBT laws in states like North Carolina. Her column received considerable attention with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.

Jillian Weiss

Jillian Weiss

Denouncing the North Carolina Law, HB-2, Jillian said: “This move and similar ones (anti-LGBT bills) in other states are terrible signals of intolerance, but beyond that they make absolutely no sense.” She added, “What makes state laws like these even more irrational is that transgender people are currently protected by federal law.”

It’s an honor to provide PR services for Jillian Weiss. She is a true champion for transgender rights!

CreagerCole Communications is a boutique PR firm experienced in LGBTQI issues. We provide media relations, media training and message development.

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