Cindi Creager


Cindi Creager is a master media trainer and media relations expert with 20 plus years of communications experience in the news industry and LGBT non-profit world, including a successful tenure at both ABC News and GLAAD. She has prepared hundreds of people for high profile media appearances on a range of national platforms including all the major broadcast and cable news networks and beyond. She has also placed numerous stories and spokespeople in outlets ranging from The New York Times, to USA Today to Time Magazine. Her number one strength is connecting authentically with people. Friends, colleagues and professional contacts have told Cindi that her compassion, grace, humility, and listening skills are rare gifts not easily taught. She has an immense commitment to inspiring and empowering people to be their best when speaking to the media. She works with academics, activists, athletes, attorneys, authors, executives, physicians, and many more. Cindi earned an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village with Rainie Cole, her partner of 18 years. Cindi and Rainie were legally married in Connecticut in 2008.


Rainie Cole


Rainie Cole is a decades-long New Yorker with a background in theater, cabaret and television production. She earned a B.A. in Theater & Communications from the University of New Hampshire. She also earned her membership in the Director’s Guild of America while working for ABC News Good Morning America as a script, tape and graphics coordinator and production assistant. She has written, produced, promoted and performed in numerous cabaret shows and appeared in the Off-Broadway, gay themed hit, Ten Percent Revue at the Actors’ Playhouse in Greenwich Village. Her greatest theatrical achievement was one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed shows in cabaret history—Always, Patsy Cline. Rainie conceived, co-wrote, promoted and produced the show, and won a Manhattan Association of Cabarets Best Characterization Award for her performance. She later brought the production to Chicago, Illinois & Portland, Oregon. Her Always, Patsy Cline success landed her in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Variety, The Chicago-Sun Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, New York Newsday, Backstage, and The New Jersey Record. She lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village with Cindi Creager, her partner of 18 years. Rainie and Cindi were legally married in Connecticut in 2008.


Headshots by Amy Mayes Photography