More Press Attention for Supermodel Teddy Quinlivan

Teddy Quinlivan walking in Dior (Getty Images)

Following our work in September to help supermodel Teddy Quinlivan announce to the world (via CNN Style) that she is transgender, CreagerCole continues to coordinate press opportunities for this inspirational trailblazer. published two stories on Teddy’s disclosure and its positive impact. The first appeared in late September, the second in late October.

i-D Vice also highlighted Teddy’s Journey in a September feature story.




“I felt a responsibility to my transgender community to come out and share with the world that trans individuals are contributing members of society who deserve the same respect as cisgender individuals. I will always be trans and there is nothing wrong with being transgender. I’m proud of who I am.”

“I want people to realize that we are capable of reaching the highest, most elite echelons of the industry and thriving at those levels. I’m a woman first and foremost, and I’m very dedicated and hardworking. I always give 110% and I want to be great at what I do. I want people to see that being transgender doesn’t affect my ability to perform.” 


Teddy Quinlivan at the Paco Rabbane show at Paris Fashion Week (Getty Images)

Along with these articles, CreagerCole is in the process of arranging several other media opportunities for Teddy that we look forward to sharing in the months ahead.

It’s an honor to work with this fierce woman who is doing her part to make the world a more accepting place. Brava, Teddy!


Cindi Creager is the co-founder of CreagerCole Communications LLC, a boutique public relations firm with expertise in LGBTQI issues.

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