Author Heather Stanislaus Releases “The Evolution of Her”

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Heather Stanislaus

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that author Heather Stanislaus has officially launched her new book: The Evolution of Her: Redefining Your Beliefs about Your Feminine Identity

The book is a practical personal empowerment guide that imparts how women can redefine their beliefs about themselves against the backdrop of the modern age without giving up on the dream of finding a life partner or having children – but only if they want them.

Stanislaus is an accountant by day in New York City who devotes much of her personal time to spiritually-focused writing that seeks to uplift women.

From the author: 

“I once believed I couldn’t be happy unless I got married and had children by a certain age. My book explains why so many women still feel this way and how we can live the lives we want instead of following society’s prescriptive life plan.

“Women can live in alignment with our own definition of happiness. There are many paths we can follow to live fulfilling lives. This book is about moving beyond expectations of who we think we need to be so that we can truly be ourselves.”

— Heather Stanislaus

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March 10, 2015


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New Book Aims to Help Women Move Beyond Expectations About Marriage and Children and Find Happiness on Their Own Terms

Women’s Advocate Heather Stanislaus Releases “The Evolution of Her: Redefining Your Beliefs About Your Feminine Identity”

Book Offers Practical Advice for Women on Letting Go of Who They Think They Should Be and Reveling Instead in Who They Truly Are

New York, NY- Author Heather Stanislaus has released a new book titled, The Evolution of Her: Redefining Your Beliefs about Your Feminine Identity, a straight-forward, no-nonsense look at how and why so many women believe they are not allowed to be happy unless they follow a rigid path of getting married and having children and a set timeline for doing so. The book is a practical personal empowerment guide for women that imparts how they can redefine their beliefs about feminine identity without dissolving the dream of getting married and raising kids.

“I became fascinated with this redefinition when my own beliefs about how I should live my life caused me pain. As a young woman I thought that in order to be happy I had to follow a prescribed life plan of marriage and children,” Stanislaus said. “But my image of a happy woman was not aligning with my reality. At times I felt like I was drowning in a sea of expectations barely able to hold my head above water. In an effort to resolve my internal conflict I began to investigate who I was and asked myself: Why do I believe what I believe?”

The Evolution of Her delves deeply into that question, exploring how our mothers and grandmothers had few choices about their own paths because women were so immensely undervalued in their eras. Although times have changed, our psyches have not caught up and as a result, neither has our society as a whole.

“We have many more opportunities than our mothers and grandmothers ever had, but we haven’t entirely accepted the changes in our societal status when it comes to our personal lives. Many of us cling to old systems and ideologies that don’t necessarily reflect our current reality,” Stanislaus said. “Often we hold on to these beliefs out of fear of not achieving ‘feminine normalcy’. My book digs beneath our social and psychological influences to better understand what drives our desires. By uncovering the reasons for our beliefs I aim to help women move forward in a healthy way.”

Stanislaus’ book delivers gems of wisdom about self-acceptance, living in the now, and surrendering our need to control our futures, along with other positive guidance to help women change their beliefs about finding happiness. She also reminds women of the advanced reproductive medical options available to them— such as embryo and egg freezing—  that give women the ability to temporarily defer pregnancy, so they may pursue a higher level of education, advance their careers, or become better established before having children within a marriage or as single parents.

“Now that we have careers, money, property, and can even raise children on our own, connecting with a partner can be all about love, our desire to share our lives, not to prove anything or out of fear that we can’t survive without it. We can simply aim to be happy and incorporate marriage into our lives as one of the elements that contributes to our overall happiness,” Stanislaus said. “When you free yourself from the fear of being unmarried and the dread that it provokes, you free yourself from the unnecessary attachment to the desire. And from that comes freedom to discover who you are and who you want to be; to live your best life according to you.”

“I fully support marriage,” Stanislaus continued. “I just believe there are many paths we can follow to live happy and fulfilling lives.”

Stanislaus also stresses that her book and her message represent a departure from other books and advice-givers that try to dictate your journey:

“We all have a multitude of people telling us what to do and how we should live our lives. I don’t want to become another one of those voices. I only hope to support you as you seek to define your life according to your own values and goals. This book is about how we can move beyond the expectations of who we think we need to be so that we can truly be ourselves.”

Stanislaus goes on to challenge us with these words of advice: “Don’t get stuck in thinking that your life needs to be a certain way. There is no need to walk the same road as everyone else. In fact, there are no roads if you choose to fly. So fly!”

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