Media Training
Become an impeccable speaker. Shine in the media spotlight.
Interview Coaching
Build your confidence. Make a great impression.
Message Development
Create maximum impact in minimum time.
Public Speaking Training
Deliver speeches that draw audiences in, keep their attention and persuade them to action.
Media Relations
Find connections to news and entertainment industry insiders who will offer the right platforms to showcase your work.
LGBT Expertise
Acquire specialized knowledge about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media issues from experts who have a track record in this arena.

" I teach you how to break down all the jargon and get to the point. My disarming, yet laser-focused style, puts you at ease while building up your confidence to handle all media and public speaking appearances."

Media Trainer, Public Speaking Coach, & Media Relations Expert
CreagerCole Communications


  • Media Training

    Becoming a successful media spokesperson requires practice and precision. We teach you how to convey ideas simply, but powerfully, while building rapport with your audience. Our no-nonsense straightforward coaching techniques help mold you into a poised, impeccable speaker who shines in the media spotlight.
  • Message Development

    What to say and how to say it are vital ingredients for success when you are facing a crisis communications situation, speaking to the media on an evergreen topic, or presenting to any important audiences at opportune moments. We are wordsmith experts and will help you strike the right tone and balance every time.
  • Public Speaking Preparation

    Whether you are speaking to a small group, or delivering the keynote address at a major conference, your messages must be clear, concise and compelling. We help you craft and deliver speeches that draw audiences in, keep their attention and persuade them to action.
  • Interview Coaching

    Anticipating an upcoming interview for a job, a board post, housing, or anything that requires verbal acuity, can feel scary and overwhelming. We offer specialized coaching that puts you at ease and allows you to excel in interview situations.
  • Media Relations

    We have relationships with key decision makers in the news and entertainment industries. We connect you with people who will offer platforms to showcase your work. Collectively we have hundreds of contacts and a knack for putting folks in touch with the right people and who can elevate their voices and their projects at just the right time.
  • LGBT Expertise

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and issues continue to gain momentum in the media; we offer specialized knowledge in this area. These topics must be handled accurately, fairly and sensitively and we have the background to help you get it right.